SunMedica’s latest innovation is the koolPAK™. It’s made from a patented; phase-change material that provides regulated cold therapy for post-operative surgical wounds.

The koolPAK™ provides pain relief in the appropriate temperature range of 50-75 ˚F (actual skin temperature with dressings/RAP on) without doing damage by freezing the skin, which can occur with ice or gel products. There are two sizes for maximum coverage (6” x 9” & 6” x 12”) and can be used for pain relief/cold therapy with any of our koolRAPs® or orthoRAPs®.

koolRAPs®-Plus and orthoRAPs®-Plus specials!
With our koolRAPs®-Plus and orthoRAPs®-Plus specials, you will receive a 6” x 9” koolPAK™ for a discounted price! Click on any RAP and see the price savings compared to our regular priced products. See 2nd image on left side for instructions.

  • Decreases wound complications
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Conforms to body’s contours
  • Light weight material
  • Avoids damage that could occur with frozen gels/ice
  • Reusable
  • Patented phase-change material
  • Non-toxic/Environmentally friendly
  • Two sizes available for optimum coverage
  • Held in position over wound/injury by utilizing orthoRAP® and koolRAP® products